If you’re one of those who hasn’t really tried to use a good styling product on your hair since you were in high school and rocking frosted tips with gelled spikes, then it might be time for you to get up to date on the latest hair products and restock the cabinet. There are some excellent styling products out there to choose from that can help you achieve different textures, hold, volume or shine. Read on below for some tips on styling products that you should try written by Max3 Shampoo experts.

Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray is man’s new best friend. If you don’t already have one you should definitely buy one and add it to your bathroom cabinet. Sea salt spray is such a versatile product capable of achieving many different hair styles. Keep one of them on hand it well worth it, as you can use sea salt spray under in so many different situations. It’s a great product to take with you on holiday for the perfect beach head, excellent when used as a pre-styling product, or perfect when used for some extra style and hold.

What is Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt spray is exactly what it sounds like, a spray formula that includes salt and some additional styling compounds. You can make an easy one at home with salt and water. Professional styling sprays usually include some additional components like fragrance or shine adding compounds.

Salt water absorbs the natural oil from your scalp, so sea salt sprays tend to create matte looks. Their perfect for when you want to get some texture, wave or volume in your hair – just like you’d have after a day at the beach.

Guys who want that perfect summer hair vibe love sea salt spray and the effect that it gives to hair. It’s a great way to achieve great style without weighing hair down or leaving it feeling sticky, greasy, shiny or mask-like. It’s a great alternative to some waxes, gels or pomades which can be heavier on the hair.

How to use Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt spray is extremely versatile and works well as both a pre-styling product and a styling product for adding volume and texture to the hair.

Sea salt spray is a popular choice amongst guys who want to add hold to freshly washed hair, volume before styling hair or to remove oil and shine from unwashed hair.

Here’s how you should use it as a pre-styling spray.

Sea Salt Spray: As a Pre-Styling Spray

If you’re using sea salt spray as a pre-styling product then it’s recommended that your spray it onto damp hair before using the hairdryer to dry your hair off. To achieve a nice wave through your hair you should scrunch your hair as you dry it off. If you want to build up some volume in your hair then use a brush to up to get some height. If you spray your sea salt spray onto your hair the you’ll find you get a bit of extra lift and volume – although it may dry out your scalp or hair a little bit as it will absorb some of the natural oils in your hair. If you want a less ‘styled’ and more natural look then let your hair dry naturally after applying the product.

Sea Salt Spray: As a Styling product

If you want a styled look that feels weightless and looks great, then spray some sea salt formula onto your after washing it. It works excellently as a finishing product as it add texture and grip to the hair, if you spray it on to air-drying hair you’ll be able to achieve naturally, tousled waves. Blow-drying will give you a more ‘done’ look and perfect beachy vibes.

Sea Salt Spray: Removing grease or shine in hair

Seal salt spray is great when used to revive and refresh flat, unwashed hair – similar to dry shampoo but with even more texture. If you want to get your hair looking fresh, then spritz a small amount of sea salt spray on the hair – do not add too much or allow it to soak, you’ll end up with crusty hair. Use a wide tooth comb to comb out your hair and then let your hair and the product dry naturally – you’ll end up with perfect, greaseless hair.

Add grip to clean hair

If you have freshly washed hair and you’re finding it difficult to style because it’s fluffy, then sea salt is the perfect product for adding some texture back into your hair. To get a bit of extra hold you should spray it onto your still damp hair. For a sleeker look, comb the spray through your hair, or for waves, scrunch the end of your hair before allowing it to dry naturally.

Achieving volume in your hair

Sea salt spray is also an excellent product for achieving volume in your hair. To get a more voluminous look you should spray the product onto damp, clean hair before combing or scrunching it through. You should then use your hair dryer to work the product into your hair. Finish your style off by working it in with a good styling product like your usual clay, wax or putty.

Hair gel

Hair gel has been a long time favourite when it comes to men’s hair products. Almost every guy will have used hair gel at some point in their life – it was a big look for teenage boys back in the day! Nowadays men go a little easier on the hair gel to avoid a grease monkey look.

Hair gel

Gel used properly is the ultimate weapon against bad hair days – come in a variety of different formulas and capable of achieving everything from low hold to high strength hold and impressive shine. Hair gel is great for getting great style and shape and unlike sea salt spray is perfect for more groomed looks and less undone, beachy wave looks.

Important things to remember about hair gel

There are a few important things to keep in mind when trying to choose a product. Firstly, there are a few downsides to some gel products. High hold gels tend to be flaky and drying due to the alcohol in the formula, although they are capable of hold that’s difficult to match with most other products. New innovations have also seen a lot of the potential downsides of hair gel become a non-issue, with light sprays or non-alcohol containing formulas becoming available on the market.

To get the out of your gel products you should do the below:

Select the right gel for you

Not all hair gels were created equal. The two most important things to remember when it comes to styling your hair with hair gel is how much hold you want and what kind of looks you are trying to achieve. If you have stubborn or curse hair then you’ll likely want to go for an extremely strong hold product. There is also specialty gel products used for getting particular looks such as wet look hair. If you want to get a slick back or a very sleek look then wet look formulas or high shine formulas are probably the best way to go. If you want to achieve a weightless style, then you should try out a spray gel.

Apply gel’s to clean hair

Another important tip to keep in mind is that you should apply hair gel only onto clean and towel-dried hair. If you’re in a rush you can blow dry your hair, but its best when left to dry naturally. Gels aren’t great on unwashed, greasy or dirty hair as it can leave your hair feeling heavy and crunchy.

Use hair gel sparingly

Gel is not one of the products that you should take a heavy approach with. Too much gel will make your hair feel crunchy, flaky and cracked – like a head full of cement! You should always start with a small amount of gel before working more into your hair – it’s much easier to add more in rather than having to start over from scratch if you go too far! The only real way to save your hairdo once you’ve overdone your hair gel is to wash it out of your hair. It’s well worth keeping in mind, especially if you’ve just had a drastic haircut – you might be used to needing more product then you think you do! For short hair you won’t need much more than a 5-pence piece, medium length hair most likely needs a 10-pence piece amount of product. Long and thick hair might require a more generous dollop.

It’s all about the application

Gel can create a number of different looks depending on the way you choose to apply it. If you want to get an ultra-sleek style then you should use a comb to help you distribute the gel through your hair and to help you manipulate the style. For a more textured, messy look you should spread the product through your hair and style the hair with your fingers. If you have a wave or curl in your hair then you should scrunch in the product – this will give you better curl definition than coating the curls or raking it through with your hand.

How to apply hair gel

To apply hair gel you should first wash your hair and then gently towel-dry it. Once you have damp hair you should rub a coin-sized amount of gel through your hair, spread it evenly through your hair with a comb and your fingers. Let your hair air dry naturally for a messy or spiked look. For a sleeker look, pass the blow dryer over your hair.

So there you have it! Hair gel is an excellent way to get shape and hold in your hair. For men hoping to achieve a professional, sleek look or party spikes that will last all day and all night – hair gel is an excellent product to try. For great beachy waves sea salt spray is unbeatable. No longer are the domain of women, gels and sea salt sprays must-haves in men’s product collections now. Both products are incredibly versatile and capable of creating a whole range of different styles.

If you’re looking for products to add to your collection than sea salt sprays and hair gels are a great place to start. There’s a range of other products such as pomades, clays, hair sprays, serums and finishing sprays that you should also try out. The products you use should be chosen based on your hair texture and needs – fine or straight hair for example will take better to lighter weight products then thick or curly hair styles. Do your research and experiment with different hair products, you’ll be surprised about the different, fun styles you can achieve with different styling products.