Some men are so well groomed that it seems they’ve discovered secrets that completely elude the average Joe or have special genes that most of the population miss out on. In actual fact, most well-groomed men are just great at following a set of important self-care steps in their daily routine. Religiously taking care of one’s hair and skin, and knowing just what to do when it comes to styling can go a long way towards removing any scruffiness and looking and feeling sophisticated and professional. Good hygiene and grooming practices not only help you to look better, but they also protect the health of your skin and hair and will keep you look younger for longer. Spending a bit of time getting to know grooming essentials will boost your confidence and your looks. Looking and feeling good has been shown to be essential for attracting a partner, climbing the career ladder and self-esteem, so it’s well worth it to do some grooming.

Here are some of our top tips and grooming essentials to keep your looking stylish.

Wear SPF everyday

Exposure to your skin will age you much faster than anything else. Nce upon a time people didn’t understand the harmful impact of the sun, but we know now how dangerous the sun can be for the skin and body and we now now the importance of protecting the skin and scalp from the sun with SPF every day. There’s no longer any excuse – the research is out. If you plan to spend longer than ten minutes outside in the sun, you should protect your skin from UV rays and sun exposure by wearing a sun lotion contain SPF and covering up where you can. This will help to protect your skin from wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and skin cancer. Staying hydrated when out in the sun, and minimizing your sugar and alcohol intake is also important for protecting the skin.

moisturizing night cream

If you want to protect your skin from signs of ageing you should ensure that you get good night’s sleep every night, and consider wearing a moisturizing night cream to help keep skin hydrated and healthy. Topical retinols can also help with keeping the condition of the skin in top shape, but can increase UV sensitivity – making SPF more important than ever before.

Use two heads on your beard trimmer

Unlike the hair on your head, your facial hair is within easy view and reach, making it possible to trim and style yourself. Despite the ease of access, many guys take the lazy approach and just use a single blade head, whilst trimming their entire face on a single setting. A lot of men never take the time to get to know different ways in which their beard can be styled or how to properly use the different settings on their beard trimmers. Certain guards are designed to be used for the sideburns, nose or even ears whilst others are perfect for straight edges, shaving your head or small areas like the bridges around your mustache or goatee. The different guard lengths are designed to add weight, contrast and styling to your facial hair.

Swap your razor cartridge regularly

Swapping out your razors is an essential component of good razor hygiene. Using the same razor for too long leads to the accumulation of dead skin and hair and contributes to the growth of bacteria. Dull razors are more likely to cause dragging, ingrown hairs, razor burn and cuts. Changing the razor on a regular basis and swapping out your blades helps to protect your skin. There are many services out there send out high quality blades on a regular basis, letting customers switch out their blades every six or so weeks. Between your shaves you should take care to protect your razor by storing it in a dry space, and keeping it upright after a good rinse.

Change out your toothbrush every three months

Most hygiene guidelines state that you should change out your toothbrush every few months or so. After three months of use the bristles on your brush will be too worn out to be effective. Bristles that have been whittled down, bent out of shape and lost will not do a very good job at keeping teeth clean and oral hygiene in check. A decent toothbrush is relatively inexpensive, so make sure you’re replacing them on a regular basis. There are even services out there who will send you brushes at the correct intervals to help prevent you from having to remind yourself or keep a calendar event reminder for each quarter.

Speak to a dermatologist

Speak to a dermatologist

If you have any skin concerns like acne or redness, then it’s well worth consulting a dermatologist. Skin that is well looked after will remain younger and healthier for longer. A visit to the dermatologist could help straighten out any potential skin problems and might help to keep any serious issues in check. A good dermatologist will be able to prescribe you the right products or get you on to the right routine for your skin needs.

Use your blow dryer’s cold setting

The blow dryer is an extremely versatile styling tool that can help you to achieve volume, hold and texture that you might not achieve through air drying. It can also help to make your hairstyle longer lasting and helps your style to hold for longer. Using high heat settings on your hair can cause damage however, so try to use the cool setting to control any heat damage and keep hair feeling hydrated and healthy.

Use scent on more than just your skin

Every man knows about the importance of using deodorant and cologne on a daily basis to help keep sweat and body odour in check, but what a lot of men don’t realise is that targeting your pulse points and areas of your body where other people are likely to catch your scent is also important. Try spraying the collar of your shirt, the ends of your hair or beard or around your whiskers to help keep you smelling great all day long. These points on your body will keep your smell lingering for longer.

Condition your hair more and shampoo it less

Here’s a tip that not many men know; you probably don’t need to shampoo your hair as often as you do, but you should condition your hair daily. Shampoo is an important step in removing dirt, grime, excel oils or built up hair products but the truth it that a good wash and rinse with only water is usually enough to keep your hair feeling fresh and clean. Overdoing the shampoo will strip your hair of all of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and frizzy. You can also order MAX3 Shampoo for any hair loss issues.

Keep up an overnight skincare routine

Looking after your skin while you sleep is important and a quick path to clearer, smooth and more evenly-toned skin. Your body’s cells regenerate whilst you sleep, so applying restorative creams and serums to do their work overnight will help to magnify the benefits of a good night’s sleep. You should take steps to ensure you get a good eight hours sleep every night. Sleep and high quality products will magnify the benefits of your products and help to keep your skin hydrated, nourished and looking youthful.

Cuts your nails

Keeping your nails trimmed and clean is important for a well groomed look. Filing you nails is the best way to achieve a neat look. No one likes the look of overly long or dirty nails, and poorly cared for nails are prone to breakage and splitting.

Use a beard oil

Your facial hair tends to be courser and drier than the hair on your head and can be unruly and itchy when left to its own devices. Washing and conditioning your beard is just as, if not more important than caring for your hair. You should use a good quality beard oil on your beard to help keep it healthy and hydrated. This will help to improve the condition of your hair and make your beard more manageable and easy to style.

Don’t forget your eyebrows

The eyebrows are one area of grooming that many men forget about and miss out on. They’re an easy to forget area of the face, but eyebrows have an important role to play in framing the face. Unruly or overgrown eyebrows can impact on your facial symmetry or draw the attention away from your eyes. Waxing, plucking and trimming your brows can help to keep any wayward hairs from impacting on the shape of your brows and face, whilst a bit f brow gel can help to fill in your brows and tame them. Brow gel is a godsend for men with course eyebrows that are prone to looking a little bit messy, or those that struggle with patchiness or lighter hair.

Become a regular at your barbers

Regular trips to your barber can help to keep your hair looking clean and well groomed. Grown out hair is prone to looking scruffy, no matter how much time you spend trying to tame it and style it. If you hair feels like it needs a cut or you’ve started to notice split ends or scraggly locks then it’s probably time to visit the barber – this will help to prevent any damage to your locks and make it easier to keep your style in place.

Know which hair products work for you

Not every hair product is designed to suit every man. Different scalps, hair textures and lengths call for different hair products. Knowing your hair needs and taking some time to research what kind of products you need can go a long way towards maintaining your hair and keeping it looking great. If you have a dry scalp for example then you might want to find conditioning products that will help to keep your hair hydrated, or products to help prevent or eliminate dandruff. If you struggle with oily hair then you might want to find products designed to control oil and shine. If you prefer matte styles than you might want to opt for styling products like pomades or clays, or try out different gels or waxes for shinier looks and more control.

Knowing your way around grooming essentials and taking the time to invest in your own self-care goes a long way towards improving your appearance and will help to raise your own self-worth. Good grooming practices will help to protect your skin, hair and nails from damage and keep you looking younger for longer. Your future self will thank you for your good grooming practices now. If you’re wondering about how other men seem to look so sleek rather than scruffy, then try out our tips above.