Body hair removal has long been the domain of women, whilst most men have gotten off relatively easy when it comes to keeping skin smooth and hairless. It’s only been in recent years that ‘manscaping’ has come into vogue and the idea that men should remove their hair has started to penetrate popular consciousness. Some hairy men out there are likely very relieved that it’s becoming increasingly accepted for them to remove their chest or back hair, or to shave their legs.

Hairy dudes who have struggled with excessive body hair are hitting beauty salons in droves to shape and scape their bodies. More and more beauty salons are now introducing hair removal and wax treatments designed for men. Athletes are enjoying the aerodynamic nature of shaving it all off and men are reveling in the silky, smoothness of freshly waxed legs. It’s a whole new world for men’s grooming! There are some pros and cons to body hair removal that men should consider, read on below to find out more brought to you by MAX3 Shampoo.

Reasons to remove and not remove your body hair:

There are many people who want to remove their hair, but not all of us want the same. Here are the reasons to remove or not shave your hair.

Reasons you should remove your body hair

There are some great reasons to consider removing your body hair as man. Our top picks for the best reasons to shave your legs, wax your chest or remove the hair from your back are here.

You want to get rid of your body hair

get rid of your body hair

The absolute best reason for any man to remove his body hair is simply because you want to. That’s all the reason you need! There’s nothing like the feeling of smooth, silky skin – it’s shouldn’t be only women who have the option to remove their hair. If you feel embarrassed about your hairy chest, back, legs or arms then you should shave or wax them! Nobody else has the right to tell you what to do with your body, if you’re more comfortable without any hair then it’s totally up to you to remove it.

You’re super hairy

If you’re getting mistaken for Chewbacca and people are giving you are hard time for having too much body hair then you should consider shaving it. Some guys have more excess hair than they know what to do with and removing excess hair is sometimes easier than looking like you’re part werewolf. Body hair can be annoying, so it’s great that we have so many different ways to get rid of it. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable when visiting the beach, or self-conscious when wearing a shirt or shorts. With so many different ways to deal with excess body hair, why not do it? It grows back anyway, so if you don’t like the look you’re not stuck with it!

The athletic edge

The athletic edge

A lot of athletes and swimmers shave their legs for both a little bit of an aerodynamic boost and the psychological edge. Smooth skin feels sleeker, so when jumping in the pool or running it’s easier to feel lighter and faster. Hairy legs create drag and stop the wind from hitting your skin. No one feels fast when they feel like Big Foot! Body hair removal has long been the norm amongst elite athletes and it’s starting to catch up with everyday athletes too – it’s great for that extra bit of confidence right before a race or a bike ride. Those who participate in triathlons or marathons swear by it.

It’s great for showing off your muscles

showing off your muscles

Shaving your chest or your legs is a great way to show off your muscle definition – this is why a waxed physique is the norm in bodybuilding. Lots of body hair will hide your muscles and make you look less well-defined. Oiled up, smooth skin will make you look like your cut out of marble! Lots of guys choose to remove their body hair before their going to be on camera, or even before they hit the beach.

You’re getting a tattoo

getting a tattoo

If you’re getting a tattoo anywhere on your body then you’ll need to shave the area to give your tattoo artist a clean canvas to work with. If you’re super hairy then this is essential. Once you’re tattoos all healed up, you might want to consider keeping the area hairless – all the better to help people see your cool body art.

You don’t actually need your body hair

Body hair was an evolutionary development that came to exist to help protect our bodies from the elements. Considering the fact that our ancestors didn’t have clothes, or later, much more than animal hides to keep the sun, the wind and the rain off them – body hair came in handy. Nowadays, everyone wears clothes. In fact we have access to an endless supply of clothing options and getting around the way our ancestors did would be called public indecency! There’s really no need to be super hairy any more – so why not get rid of it?

You feel cooler without it

Body hair can be hot

Body hair can be hot. On hot summer days, your body hair can trap heat and sweat, making you feel unpleasantly sticky and hot. Some guys like to wax or shave their body hair in the summer and then let it grow back in the winter for some extra warmth, in the same ways that some girls let their legs get a little bit hairy in the winter. You’ll feel much cooler without all that hair coverage! Having lots of body hair is a bit like wearing a big coat. You can always add on extra layers for the cooler days, but it’s nice to remove all the excess hair – you’ll feel lighter and breezier.

Reasons not to shave your body hair

There are also some very valid reasons why some men might not want to remove their body hair. Here are some common reasons that men might not want to shave or wax their body hair:

Hairy man looks beautiful

Hairy man looks beautiful

Many women and men loves hairy men! They look awesome, attractive and powerful.

Hair removal is a lot of work

Hair removal is a lot of work

Shaving or waxing your body hair on a regular basis is a big commitment, especially if you’re a hair guy. Removing all that body hair can take a long time, or mean regular trips to visit the beauty therapist. You’ll lose hours of your life to hair removal, no matter what method you choose. You think shaving your face or trimming your beard is time consuming? Wait until you devote hours to shaving your legs, only to find that you need to do it all again later. Or, just wait until you’ve spent an hour or two getting your chest waxed at the salon. Hot wax and long body hair equals pain, for some men the benefits of smooth skin just aren’t worth all the time and effort. It does of course get faster after the first few times, and you’ll get better at it with practice but there’s no denying it’s a lot of work.

Hair removal is expensive

Hair removal is expensive

Hair removal is undeniably far more expensive than going an natural. You’ll have to shell out for all kinds of shaving razors, creams, hair removal solutions, waxing appointments and more. Your body hair covers a big surface area, which means big expense when it comes to keeping it all smooth. If you’re doing it yourself at home, you’ll probably find yourself throwing out your razor after every shave – even if you just do your legs. The cost of professional services can also be very high, waxing specialists really know what they’re doing and they definitely charge for their services. Upkeep and maintenance can also be costly, shaving and waxing can cause problems with lumps, bumps and ingrown hairs so you’ll probably find yourself spending money on products to keep unpleasant razor rash at bay.

Hair removal can be painful

Hair removal can be painful

We all know waxing hurts. How can it not? You’re ripping all of your body hair from its follicles. Whilst it hurts the worst the first few times, you’ll find that there are always sensitive areas of your body that won’t take too kindly to waxing. It’s not just waxing that’s painful though. Ever cut yourself while shaving? Or experienced an ingrown hair? Shaving can be a safety hazard, especially done with an old razor. Nicks and cuts are prone to getting infected when blades are dull and you’re razor hasn’t been sterilized properly. Those with sensitive skin might also find that they don’t respond too well to waxing products or shaving creams – there’s nothing more unpleasant than skin inflammation.

hairy manYour regrowth will be itchy

Regardless of whether or not you choose to shave or wax, one thing is for sure, your regrowth will come back and it will be itchy. Hair tends to grow back in blunt, especially after WAXING. If you’ve ever noticed how scratchy your facial hair is after a shave, then imagine what it would be like on a much larger surface area. Blunt hair is sharp and tends to cause a lot of irritation. You’ll feel like your legs are made of wire-bristled brushes. You’ve probably find that you experience much more chaffing when you shave or wax and you’ll like find yourself unbearably itchy, especially the first few times you do it.

People will comment

Just as almost every woman will experience some kind of unwelcome comment about their body hair at one point or another, so will men. Except men experience the flipside of the body hair debate, whilst women are expected to remove every inch of body hair from their neck down, men are expected to let everything run wild. Body hair is seen as masculine, whilst hairlessness is feminine you see. These arbitrary rules don’t really make much sense, which is why many modern men are now rejecting them and going about their business manscaping their body hair as they see fit. Still, you can expect that if you shave your legs, wax your chest or even make changes to your facial hair, you’ll probably attract some comments. Body hair removal for men is a pretty new thing, and a lot of people are still of the opinion that it’s weird. Other people feel that we shouldn’t be encouraging everyone to go out of their way to look perfectly hairless or groomed all the time. Really, it should be entirely up to you and what you feel comfortable with, but if attracting unwanted attention is going to bother you, then it might not be the right time to try out manscaping.

Whether you choose to remove some or all of your hair, or not at all, in the end it’s really a personal choice. There are some great advantages to removing body hair, especially if you live in hot climates or want to show off your hard work at the gym or some cool body art but there are definitely downsides too. For some guys, it’s just not worth the time and effort, or the maintenance but may guys who do shave and wax swear by it.