Growing out your beard can be a great way to look on-trend or reinvent your usual style. It can also be a great way to shape your face and give you a more masculine look. Getting your beard to look great involves more work than you might think however, and getting it to an impressive length, or keeping it looking healthy and shiny isn’t as easy as just keeping your food crumbs out of it. If you want a great looking beard then beard oil is a grooming essential. Every man with a beard should have some good beard oil on hand and should use it daily.

If you’re wondering what beard oil is all about and how to use it then read our article below – we’ve included lots of tips and tricks for keeping your beard looking luscious!

What is beard oil?

So wondering what beard oil is? Or more importantly what makes a good beard oil? A good beard oil contains are combination of powerful ingredients like hydrating oils such as jojoba oil, argan oil or marula oil. These oils are high fat and highly nutritious, so they’re extremely hydrating on the skin. Unlike supermarket oils which are highly refined, beard oils still contain the fatty acids, vitamin and antioxidant content which nourishes your beard and skin. These oils will absorb into your hair and skin, unlike supermarket oils which will leave a shiny, greasy residue on your skin and likely cause you to break out.

In addition to high quality oils your beard oil will also contain pleasing aromatic essential oils and fragrance. High quality scented mixtures will give your beard a subtle, but pleasing aroma. Certain essential oils also have antiseptic properties. If you prefer to use beard oil that doesn’t have a scent there are also plenty of unscented options on their market. Beard oils are great for nourishing both your skin and facial hair, but if you only want to style your beard then a beard balm may be the way to go. Beard balms are made of a soft wax instead of oils and are perfect for taming fly-aways. If you want more a moulded look then balms are a perfect way of achieving a more styled appearance. Beard oils however will soften your beard and stop your hair from look too coarse, or wiry. If you want hydrated hair and a super styled look then use both products.

Beard oil benefits

Beard oils are designed to benefit both your facial hair and the skin underneath. A good beard oil will add a healthy shine to your hair, tame any stray hair and help with managing any irritation, dry skin or flakiness. Beard oils all have moisturising and nourishing properties, but some of the best for hydrating the skin are jojoba oil based formulas. Bear oils are great for restoring balance and oil back into your skin. Beard oils are excellent for creating a barrier on top of the skin which can help to prevent your pores from clogging and helps to trap moisture on your skin, keeping it feeling fresher and more hydrated throughout the day.

Daily use of beard oils will help to keep your skin even, prevent break outs and will keep your skin supple and healthy, preventing early signs of ageing.

The antioxidant content in your beard oil is also good for protecting your skin from the toll that pollution, the sun, salt or chlorinated water might take on your skin.

Beard oils can help to promote good blood circulation and facial hair growth, helping you to get a great looing, healthy long beard. Dry skin and facial hair may become brittle and break – not only will your beard look dull and unhealthy but you’re likely to notice more patchiness without using a good beard oil.

How to use beard oil

When you first start to use beard oil you should begin with moderate use, try using it a few time a week initially before slowly scaling up your use. It will take some time for your skin to become used to the new product, so to prevent the feeling of oiliness or greasiness, try slowly scaling up your sue of the product – this will give your skin time to adjust its oil production and get used to absorbing the new product. You’ll find that your beard oil helps to protect your skin and it will leave your facial hair looking shiny and well care for.

To apply your beard oil you should warm a small amount up in the tips of your fingers before massaging it onto your cheeks and chin. If you have a particularly longer beard then you will need to use slightly more oil on your beard. It’s a good idea to try and disperse the oil through your beard with a gentle bristle brush or comb – these tools will help you to evenly disperse product from the root of your beard to the ends. A good brush will help to smooth out your facial hair, will stimulate blood circulation and will exfoliate away any flaky skin. You’ll get a more well -groomed look with a brush and it will leave your beard looking soft and well styled. A good brush is also good for protecting your facial hair from any potential damage or tangling.

Choosing the correct beard oil for you

Different people have different skin and hair, so it should come as no surprise then that different beard oils are more effective for different people. It can be a bit of trial and error to find the best product for you, but generally you should consider your skin type and what you’re trying to achieve with your beard oil. Pay close attention to the ingredient list when purchasing your beard oil, some products masquerade as beard oils but use low quality ingredients. It’s also important to tell out smell, viscosity and texture when selecting oil. Some oils are lightweight and will turn coarse hair silky, whilst others are heavier and better for styling the beard. Some oils are more fragrant, whilst others have luxurious extras like gold flakes. If you have concerns like acne or other skin problems, then you’ll want to select oil that isn’t too heavy and won’t clog your pores – look for oils like jojoba or grape seed oil.  If you skin is extremely dry the try selecting an argan oil formula, as this is very hydrating. For anti-aging effects look for oils that contain apricot kernel oil. If you’re trying to soothe or protect your skin then look for formulas that contain aloe vera. If you have normal skin that already quite smooth, then use a sweet almond oil based formula as this will leave you with even more flawless skin. It’s important to also find a beard oil that follows safety guidelines correctly – you never want to use facial products that could potentially irritate your skin or damage your hair. Never purchase a product that does not include an ingredients list, and expiry date or company details on the packaging. When it comes to your health and safety it’s always best to pay a little bit more for higher quality products and ingredients, rather than risking any potentially harmful effects. If you have any allergies you should also be aware that products are sometimes prepared on equipment that handles different ingredients, so even if you’re product doesn’t contain the ingredient you’re allergic too, you might still be at risk. There are some great natural formulas, or formulas designed for sensitive skin out there to choose from.

What effect will beard oil have on my beard?

Beard oils are great for both your skin and facial hair. Keeping skin smooth and hydrated underneath your beard is just as important as keeping your facial hair feeling all silky. Keeping skin properly moisturised will help to keep any itchiness or irritation at bay and will help you to avoid any problems with dandruff, or flaky skin. Beard oils are great as a moisturiser and natural cologne, as they are pleasantly scented. If you’re trying to grow your beard out then it’s important to use a good oil, as healthy hydrated hair will look and feel much better – during the awkward growing out phase a good oil can be a lifesaver. If you’re trying to maintain your beard length than a good beard oil will keep it manageable and well groomed.

What happens if I don’t oil my beard?

Skipping the beard oil step can leave your beard feeling dry and course. Your facial hair will look dull and it’s likely that your skin underneath will become itchy and irritated. Dry, wiry beards will look unhealthier and less well groomed, so you may attract some unwanted comments from work colleagues or potential partners! Just like facial moisturiser or shampoo and conditioner, this isn’t a self-care step that you want to ignore. Keeping your beard hydrated is important for a polished look.

Unscented vs scented beard oil

So when purchasing your beard oil, should you go for an unscented or scented version. The main difference between the two types of beard oil is that one contained fragrant essential oils, whilst the other does not. Essential oils have some great properties of their own, such as anti-bacterial effects but excluding them from the formula does not diminish the hydrating benefits of beard oils.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding whether or not to go for an unscented formula. First of all, unscented formulas have a very neutral smell, but they do actually carry a pleasant but very subtle fragrance from the carrier oils. You may be able to notice this when the formula is concentrated in its bottle, but you won’t be able to smell this when you pour it into your hands or use it on your beard.

If you want your use of beard oil to go unnoticed then odourless formulas are the way to go, this is especially useful when you’re already wearing a cologne or fragrance and you don’t want the smells to mix. Unscented beard oils are also better for people with sensitive skin, as essential oils can cause itchiness and inflammation for some people.

Other men prefer scented formulas because it doubles as a cologne or fragrance and leaves their facial hair smelling pleasant all day long.

So there you are! Beards oils are a must-have if you want a good looking, healthy beard. Whether you’re jumping on the trend, growing one out or trying to get dry skin and dandruff under control, beard oil should be an essential part of every bearded guy’s daily routine. For softer, smooth stubble and manageable long, beards find yourself a good beard oil.