Most men are severely lacking In any kind of curly hair care knowledge. Curly hair hasn’t really been a trend for men until recent years, so there are a lot of curly haired guys out there who have spent their lives straightening curls, cutting them off with short crop styles or buzz cuts or gelling their hair into submission. There are a lot of men that would rather stick with the same boring hairstyles rather than put the time or effort required into saving their curls. There are plenty of men out there who feel that curls require too much time, too many products, or will make them look too much like a cherub.

The premise curls are unnecessarily time consuming, expensive or girly is false. Curls are actually surprisingly easy to care for. Find out how to care for curly hair and style curls as a man below, with MAX3 Shampoo.

Curly hair care tips

Dispelling all the myths around curly hair is a big task. For a long time, curly hair wasn’t ‘cool’ and we’ve been led to believe it was too high maintenance to maintain. With curls coming back in style there’s a growing number of men who are ready to embrace their curls, but don’t quite know how to do it. Luckily, it’s not as difficult as you would think to get great looking curls. In fact, the steps to awesome curls are relatively straightforward and just require some basic know-how and curly hair common sense. Following these curly hair tips will leave you with impressive, amazing curly hair and they’re easy enough for every man to follow.

Here are the top tips you should remember for achieving curly locks.

Decrease your shampoo frequency

We’re taught to shampoo regularly when we’re children so most of us are frequent hair washers as adults, shampooing as often as every day. Most of us are afraid of not shampooing on the daily, fearing it will leave hair feeling dirty, greasy or frizzy. Skipping out on the daily shampoo actually benefits the hair however, especially if you have curly hair. This is because your scalp product natural oils called sebum, which keeps your hair feeling hydrated and healthy. Shampoo removes the sebum from your hair which can dry out your locks and loosen out any natural waves. Natural oils in your hair are important for achieving perfect curls. To keep your curls you should start to cut down on how frequently you shampoo, start by dropping a day from current weekly routine. For example if you’re shampooing daily, then you’ll cut down to shampooing every six days. Follow this routine for two weeks in a row before dropping an additional day. Continue dropping a day every couple of weeks until you find the frequency that makes your hair look and feel better. A few days a week is usually plenty for styling hair well.

You’ll find that as you drop shampoo days, you’ll reach a point where the benefits to your hair regress. Once you go too far and drop too many days, you’ll notice your hair doesn’t style as well, look frizzy or feels greasy. Return to the shampoo frequency from prior to noticing any issues as this will be your optimal shampoo frequency. There is no magic optimal shampoo frequency or special formula for getting the perfect curls. Everyone’s hair texture, curls and optimal shampoo frequency is different. Everyone’s hair will respond differently to different hair routines and products, so finding the sweet spot for your hair is all about trial and error. Best results usually come from alternating your shampoo days, for example one day on, one day off. Keep in mind that missing your daily shampoo doesn’t mean your hair won’t be kept clean.

Use a hair conditioner

Conditioner is a hair product that tends to be looked at as optional by many guys, even when it should be looked as an essential to any person’s hair routine. Hair conditioners are an important part of the hair routine, designed to smooth out the hair follicle after your shampoo, they add back hydration and shine to your hair. They work similarly to your natural hair oils or sebum, replacing what is stripped out by shampoo. Conditioner therefore enhances the look of your curls and the hydration of your hair. When conditioning your hair, add conditioner to damp hair and coat it through the ends. Allow the hair conditioner to sit for about two minutes before rinsing it from your hair. You should ideally condition your hair after your shampoo days. If you have a naturally dry scalp and hair, you may even want to condition the hair on your ‘off’ days in-between shampoo’s.

Style curly hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb

Your usual hairbrush or comb is the enemy of perfect curls.  If you feel like you have a tumbleweed on top of your head then it might be because your brushing all of your natural curl out with your regular comb, turning it into a frizzy mess. There’s plenty of curly haired guys out there who don’t realise that pulling, twisting or ‘unknotting’ curly locks does more harm than good. A lot of the grooming lessons we learn as children are geared towards straight hair. There’s a lot of ignorance out there about how to handle curls, and the first lesson to unlearn is that you should use a hairbrush. Avoiding your usual comb in favour of simply styling your hair with your fingers, or using a wide-tooth comb goes a log way in helping to shape or style your hair correctly. Curls are all about free-styling and setting with simple tools and fingers, no fancy hairbrushes needed.

Avoid pulling your hair

Pulling your hair is a fairly natural instinct and something we’re taught to do to style hair. Many popular hairstyles sported by modern day hipsters or dapper guys are the opposite of curly. There plenty of straight slicked back hairstyles that call for pulling hair and flattening it in to shape. Taming it into submission with a lot of product and styling tools. Your curls however are not designed to be tamed; making your curls lay flat is doing a disservice to your natural texture. Appreciating your curls and treating them gently, rather than pulling on them or trying to wrestle them into straight styles, is key to getting the most from your curls. Protecting and properly styling your hair on a regular basis will help to ensure that your curls work for you, rather than against you.

Hair pulling is a problem because mechanical hair loss is a fairly common problem experienced by curly haired men. The hair loss created by pulling hair is caused traction alopecia. Hair pulling can be intentional or unintentional. It can be an irreversible problem that builds up over a long period of time. It most often occurs at the hairline or vertex for men. Styling hair gently with the fingers or a wide tooth comb is key to protecting the scalp. Curly hair can give off more resistance to brushing which can unintentionally stress the scalp, making some curly-haired individuals prone to alopecia.

If your hair is knotted or needs detangling, make sure you do it in the shower with conditioner. The lubrication of conditioner will help to reduce stress on your scalp and protect hair from breakage or damage. If you are tying your hair back with hair elastics or headbands then you are likely putting some tension on your head, try to remove any unnecessary tension by pulling hair in the opposite direction of the tension. You should also try and avoid any hairstyles that will force your hair to lie flat, be slicked back or swept to the side as these styles can put an unnecessary amount of stress on the hair.

Avoid heavy wax or gel products

Heavy gels or wax products will weight down your curls, causing them to fall out or loosen. Curly hair also tends to be drier so alcohol based gels will dry out your hair even more and leave it feeling course and frizzy. If you’re going to use styling products in your hair then lighter products like texturizing sprays or sea salt sprays, leave-in conditioners and light pomades are all better choices for getting the most out of your hair. These products will help to define your curls without weighing them down. They’re excellent for separation and will not dry your hair out, or leave flaky residue as wax or gel products might.

Get your haircut correctly

A bad haircut designed for straight hair will inevitably look terrible with a natural curl or wave. When you go to the hairdresser, make sure you consider your natural hair texture in trying to find the perfect haircut for you. Depending on your curl type, a shorter cut, layer or a bit of extra length on top for looser curls might be necessary to get the most out of your style. Avoid buzz cuts, crops or styles that will leave your looking like you’re wearing a helmet or a mullet.

Get a diffuser for your blow dryer

Diffusers are the best friend of curly hair. A good diffuser will keep your hair bouncy and defined. If you have thick hair and longer hair, go for a diffuser with a larger base. If you have shorter, tighter curls go for a diffuser with a larger base.


You might have spent a large chunk of your life fighting your curls, which is a shame because your natural texture is likely way cooler than any copy and paste haircut you might have forced your hair into. With curly hair becoming cool again, it’s time to embrace what comes naturally and learn how to make the most of your natural curl. You likely won’t have them forever! Most men experience some hair loss in later life. It would be a shame to lose your hair having never had a chance to really embrace your hair. Contrary to popular belief, embracing your natural style is unlikely to be expensive, time consuming or lead you to suddenly jump genders and become a girl. It’s often the case that trying to force your hair into a style that’s against its natural texture will take up a lot more time and effort than working with your natural curl ever would. You owe it to yourself to experiment with your natural style and investigate just how much you can get out of your hair. It would be a shame to lose your hair having never really appreciated your natural curl!

Follow the steps in this handy guide to curly hair for me and you’ll surely start to see a side to your curls that you’ve never seen before.